A life lady 360 aia

This AIA child insurance plans is a life insurance plan with options for medical and critical illness coverage for the children. And if you are expecting a new baby into the familythis insurance plan enables the A-Plus BabyCare plan to be added on, to take care of the unborn baby in the womb and childbirth.

The unborn baby insurance in Malaysia. Entry age is between 14 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. The mother buys the policy as policy owner. If the mother has the A-Life Lady policythen she can get this A-Life Joy policy earlier to 14 weeks of pregnancy for earlier risk protection. If the father buys the policy as policy ownerthen the policy entry age for the child is 14 days old till 15 years old. This also applies to the mother, if she did not get this policy when she was pregnant with the child.

This AIA child insurance plan is an investment linked insurance plan. It is an all in one insurance plan for children that provides financial cover for:. The cost of insurance for the AIA children insurance plans riders will be charged from birth, except for the BabyCare plans, which are charged from the policy start date policy inception.

Get immediate financial security. Let insurance provide it. She can help provide the financial security in times of hardship and will be able to ease the financial burden of your dependents in your absence. Contact our AIA Life Planning Advisor to get in touch with us and start your personal coverage or choose your plan now. Get covered correctly.

Be advised correctly. Or send us the form below on your interest. Level 8, Suite 8. Call AIA Agent for advice. Author Recent Posts. Levine Lee. Levine Lee is an expert AIA insurance agent and life planner. And also corporate clients from overseas for their operations in Malaysia. Latest posts by Levine Lee see all. Red Cover Life Planning. Ms Levine from Red Cover Life Planning came over to our company to give a session on our new corporate policy. It was a very good session. We are very happy to have her as our insurance agent.

Highly recommended. Wong See Mun 16 Nov Intended to acquire some adequate insurance cover thus search through the Google and by luck, clicked into Red Cover She delivered very detailed briefing and after due consideration signed up for A Plus Health investment policy on the second meeting. Tony Yong 10 Nov Buying insurance, most importantly is to understand what are the benefits offered in the policy coverage. AIA offers aFind our products and services according to your protection needs. Explore our financial calculators and resources for your long term and short term goals at different life stages.

AIA Vitality is one of the most comprehensive wellness programmes with a wide spectrum of tools and benefits that target different aspects of your health. We take care of the matters of your life because your life matters.

For almost a century, AIA has served the ever-changing needs of millions of people all across the Asia-Pacific region.

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Our healthy living initiatives, partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and more. Who we are, what we do. Let's forge a partnership that lasts beyond a lifetime.

•~We Live In Cities {Miraculous Ladybug} --Kiraya

AIA Vitality supports and motivates you every step of the way towards achieving your health goals. AIA Vitality is a comprehensive programme that motivates you to keep fit and helps you to manage your health. Discover the rewards and benefits you have unlocked with your AIA Vitality points. We strive to assist you for all your inquiries with high touch customer service.

Support Programme to extend the grace period for payment of premiums due up to calendar days for customers who are financially affected by COVID Exclusive for AIA policyholders and Vitality members to conveniently access policy information, Vitality membership and rewards.

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My Rewards. AIA Altitude. Make Payment Online. Submit a Claim. Request HealthShield Pre-Authorisation. FSC Access. Bank Partner Access. My AIA Perks. Life is full of thrilling opportunities and new discoveries, but there may also be unforeseen challenges. Being prepared can help to reduce the impact of issues like a serious illness.

AIA Glow of Life is a critical illness plan that caters specifically to the needs of women.

a life lady 360 aia

You can receive payouts for conditions that particularly affect women such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer, giving you the confidence and financial means to handle whatever comes your way.

Finding out about potential health problems early gives you a much better chance of overcoming them. With AIA Glow of Life, you can enjoy a complimentary medical checkup every 2 years, starting from the 3 rd year of the policy. There are certain conditions such as pre-existing conditions whereby no benefits will be payable. Please refer to the policy contract for the full list of exclusions. A minimum period of time called the waiting period must have passed between policy issue date or reactivated date and diagnosis before a claim can be made.

Different conditions have different waiting periods as outlined below. You may refer to the policy contract for further details. This is not a contract of insurance. The precise terms and conditions of this plan, including exclusions whereby the benefits under your policy may not be paid out, are specified in the policy contract.

You are advised to read the policy contract. Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs.

a life lady 360 aia

A penalty may be imposed for early termination and the new policy may cost more or have fewer benefits at the same cost.Select from one of the categories on the right or click here for a recommendation based on your needs. Finance your dream property and ensure your household contents are well-protected. AIA Vitality is the science-backed wellness programme that works with you and rewards you for the healthy choices you make.

Find out more. Secure your company's most important asset through our market-leading solutions. Find out what are the rewards and benefits that you can enjoy as an AIA Vitality member. For almost a century, AIA has served the ever-changing needs of millions of people all across the Asia-Pacific region. We strive to assist you for all your inquries with high touch customer service. Register Login.

For HR personnel and Intermediaries to manage the company's employee benefits portfolio effectively. Skip to main content. AIA Vitality. What Matters. About AIA. My AIA. Our Products Our Products Select from one of the categories on the right or click here for a recommendation based on your needs.

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Let us help you. Investment-Linked Funds Get the latest updates on our funds and their performance. For Individuals. Medical Protection Having reliable and innovative healthcare solutions in times of need. Critical Illness Protection Protect against the financial burdens of critical illness.

Accident Protection Be financially prepared for the unexpected. Home Solutions Finance your dream property and ensure your household contents are well-protected.You will not need to pay for premiums[5] for the next 24 months, or until the end of the policy term whichever is earlier upon diagnosis of a specific female illness.

a life lady 360 aia

After the second year of your policy, a tailored health screening will be made available to you every two years[6]. For a more detailed look at what you are covered for, you may view the full coverage table here. Ms Tan is diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. She undergoes surgery for breast mastectomy — bilateral, and a molecular gene expression profiling test too. Cover start date refers to the date we issue the policy or the date we issue an endorsement to include or increase a benefit, or the date we reinstate the policy whichever is the latest.

We will write to you when this benefit is due, provided that there are no outstanding premiums due under your policy, and the policy is still inforce. This benefit is not transferable and the health screening must be completed within days from the date we write to you and conducted at any one of our panel of clinics listed on our letter to you.

You can find the list of tests provided under this benefit on our website at www. We will not pay this benefit if the insured suffered symptoms of, had investigations for, or was diagnosed with, the illnesses or conditions at any time before or within 90 days after the cover start date.

You can claim for each female illness only once, except for cancer where you may claim more than once. If we pay a claim that is less than the cover limit, the percentage of the sum assured payable for this benefit will reduce accordingly.

Please refer to the policy contract for further details and definitions of insured events. If the insured underwent multiple female surgeries due to the same condition, we will only pay for one female surgery which has the highest benefit limit. You can claim for each female surgery only once, except for surgeries due to cancer. Please refer to the policy contract for further details and definitions of the insured events. Whole Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance. Parents cannot take up policies on the lives of their children who are 18 years old last birthday and above. You have to pay premiums throughout the policy term. Printed brochure English.

Printed brochure Chinese. Policy Conditions. Application Form. Lady is a non-participating, regular premium term plan specifically designed to meet the protection needs of women. It provides protection against death, specific female illnesses and surgeries, support after specific diagnosis or surgery and biennial health screening for the insured.

This policy cannot be cashed in. The policy is invalid if the insured commits suicide within one year from the cover start date. We will refund the total premiums paid, without interest, from the cover start date.

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Upon the insured being diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner with any of the covered female illnesses shown in the benefit table during the policy term, this benefit will pay up to the limit shown in the benefit table.Saya Bantu Anda. Adakah anda mencari pelan khas untuk wanita yang melengkapkan coverage medical card sedia ada? Sungguh lengkap dan memahami situasi keperluan wanita secara komprehensif! Perhatianini adalah pelan standalone Medical Card kena ambil sendiri.

Ini pelan unik yang komprehensif untuk nyawa dan benefit khas wanita dari awal tamat belajar sampailah pencen bersara. Kalau anda teliti 7 perkara faedah A-Life Ladyi di bawah, anda dapati memang betul banyak perkara di bawah medical card biasa tak cover sebab medical card cover rawatan bukannya pemulihan dan pembentukan semula selepas pembedahan. Faedah Asas. Faedah Penyakit Wanita.

Waiting period 60 hari. Waiting period 30 hari. Faedah Penjagaan Wanita.

Pelan Takaful Insurans Khas untuk Wanita A-Life Lady360-i

Terhad 1 tuntutan setiap kejadian. Waiting period 1 tahun. Faedah Kehamilan. Semua Waiting period 1 tahun. Faedah Ganjaran Tunai. Faedah Kegembiraan. Faedah Matang. Bayaran sekaligus pada umur 80 tahun. Free Quotation. Facebook Twitter. Post Terkini. Hibah Takaful Jumaat, Ogos 24, Medical Card Terbaik Ahad, September 02, A-Life Ikhtiar Sabtu, Julai 04, Mengenai Saya.

Sebelum memulakan bicara, saya perkenalkan diri saya. Nama saya Fairuz Ramli.A-Life Ladyi direka untuk memberikan perlindungan komprehensif bagi wanita sehingga umur 80 tahun. Pelan ini bukan sahaja memberi anda faedah Takaful, ia juga dilengkapi dengan ciri-ciri pertama di pasaran yang direka khas untuk wanita. MAA Takafulink Wanita juga menyediakan tabung kecemasan jika peserta mengalami hilang upaya kekal. Wang dari dari tabung kecemasan ini boleh digunakan penyimpan untuk menampung kos sara hidup seharian apabila penyimpan tidak lagi berupaya untuk meneruskan kehidupan secara biasa.

Sekiranya mana-mana senario di bawah berlaku kepada anda, anda akan menerima pembayaran sekaligus sebanyak RM 5, Peserta yang menyertai pelan ini akan mendapat dua jenis pengecualian cukai iaitu cukai insurans hayat dan juga insurans perubatan. Kalau sehingga tahunsejak ditubuhkan, lebih 80, peserta telah menyertai MAA Takaful. Data untuk tak keluar lagi. RM sebulan boleh lagi utk dapat pelan Takafulink wanita mcm di atas. Cuma simpanan akan kurang sikitla.

Hubungi saya jika ingin mendaftar. Dari segi produk, memang banyak beza dan kalau nak cerita satu persatu, terlalu panjang rasanya. Cuma bezanya ialah dari segi di mana duit simpanan akan dilaburkan dan juga perbezaan dari segi caj takaful dan caj insurans yang dikenakan.

Dari segi manfaat, agak sama sebenarnya. Manakala hibah pula tidak tertakluk kepada faraid. Setakat hari ini, hanya MAA Takaful dan Takaful Ikhlas sahaja yang mempunyai instrumen hibah dalam perwarisan wang pampasan. Syarikat-syarikat lain sama ada takaful atau insurans masih menggunakan instrumen penama. Tapi adalah disarankan untuk ditukar kepada pelan takaful memandangkan produk konvensional adalah haram disertai umat Islam berdasarkan majlis fatwa kebangsaan.

Dari segi prosedur pertukaran, saudari perlu menamatkan dahulu polisi MAA Assurance dan sekiranya terdapat nilai simpanan, pihak MAA Assurance akan keluarkan cek kepada saudari. Saudari boleh pergi ke mana-mana cawangan MAA untuk tamatkan polisi tersebut, atau saudari boleh minta ejen saudari yang uruskan pendaftaran polisi tersebut untuk tamatkannya, atau saya sendiri boleh tolong tamatkan di HQ MAA Kuala Lumpur.

Selepas tu saudari bolehlah mendaftara pelan MAA Takaful. Boleh emel saya no hp puan, nanti sy akan cari ejen di Muar yg boleh berjumpa puan. Sy akan minta ejen di Muar call puan.

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Saya berminat nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai takafulink wanita. Untuk makluman, saya berumur 28 tahun. Buat masa ini saya menggunakan perkhidmatan medic card takaful etiqa, dan baru sekarang berpeluang untuk meninjau2 mengenai produk yang saya guna sekarang.

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Kalau macam saya umur 23 thn, medical card yg campur takafulink wanita ni, dalam bajet rm, sy boleh dapat coverage apa ye? Simpanan tak perlu tunggu matang, kalau dalam akaun dah ada RM, RM dah boleh keluarkan dan tinggalkan RM dalam akaun untuk pastikan polisi masih berjalan. Assalamualaikum…saya dah ada smart medic dan jika saya nak tambah takafulink wanita, adakah berubah nilai yang harus dibayar?

AIA A-Life Joy 2 Child Insurance Plans

Simpanan nya pulak berapa lama baru boleh ambik separuh samada brapa tahun kamu ttpkn atau tunggu smpai tempoh matang? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Terapi penggantian hormon untuk menopaus. Rawatan psikoterapi untuk gangguan keresahan atau gangguan kemurungan yang berpunca daripada peristiwa hidup yang traumatik, seperti didiagnosis dengan salah satu daripada 35 penyakit kritikalatau kematian pasangan atau anak.

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a life lady 360 aia

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